T1A Camshaft Position Sensor Replacement for 1994-2015 Toyota RAV-4, Landcruiser, Camry, Celica, Corolla and Some Lexus and Scion Models Part No. T1A-90919-05026

  • $13.87

Fitment Details: 1994-2015
Toyota Kluger MCU28 3MZ-FE 10/03-07 3.3L V6
Toyota Landcruiser FZJ75, FZJ78, FZJ80, FZJ105 1FZ-FE 11/92-on 4.5L 6CYL
Toyota Landcruiser Prado RZJ95, RZJ120 3RZ-FE 7/96-04 2.7L 4CYL
Toyota Landcruiser Prado GRJ120 (Check Sensor Image) 1GR-FE 2/03-on 4.0L V6
Toyota MR2 ZZW30 1ZZ-FE 10/00-05 1.8L 4CYL
Toyota RAV 4 ACA20, 21 1AZ-FE 7/00-03 2.0L 4CYL
Toyota RAV 4 ACA22, ACA23, ACA33, ACA38 2AZ-FE 10/03-on 2.4L 4CYL
Toyota 4 Runner RZN180 3RZ-FE 11/95-11/02 2.7L 4CYL
Toyota Avensis Verso ACM20R 1AZ-FE 12/01-10/04 2.0L 4CYL
Toyota Avensis Verso ACM21R 2AZ-FE 11/03-on 2.4L 4CYL
Toyota Camry ACR36R, ACV40R 2AZ-FE 10/02-on 2.4L 4CYL
Toyota Camry AHV40R 2AZ-FEH 1/10-2/12 2.4L 4CYL
Toyota Camry Vienta VDV10, VCV10 3VZ-FE 2/93-97 3.0L V6
Toyota Celica ZZT231 2ZZ-GE 11/99-06 1.8L 4CYL
Toyota GT-Four ZZT230 1ZZ-FE 8/99-9/2005 1.8L 4CYL
Toyota Corolla ZZE122R 1ZZ-FE 00-07 1.8L 4CYL
Toyota Corolla ZZE123R 2ZZ-GE 5/03-05 1.8L 4CYL
Toyota Rukus AZE151 2AZ-FE 40821 2.4L 4CYL
Toyota Tarago ACR30R, ACR50 2AZ-FE 6/00-on 2.4L 4CYL
  • WHAT YOU GET: (1) T1A Camshaft Position Sensor for Toyota vehicles. Replaces OEM part number: 90919-05026. 100% satisfaction in every replacement camshaft position sensor. Make sure this part number fits your vehicle’s application.
  • TruBuilt 1 Automotive: Direct fit replacement parts built to last. All T1A White Box products are genuine items made in an ISO 9001 certified factory, tested for reliability, and are available to you at a fraction of the genuine price. That means you get the same part as you would from your local dealership but in a T1A White Box for a significantly less amount of money. Why pay more?
  • TOP QUALITY: The T1A Camshaft Position Sensor is coated with a polyphenylene sulfide resin to resist engine oil, fuel and emission by-products so you know this part was built to last.
  • SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE & DESIGN: The T1A Camshaft Position Sensor monitors the position or rotational speed of the crankshaft so that the engine management systems in your vehicle can precisely control the fuel injection or ignition system timing. Don’t settle for any old camshaft position sensor; protect your engine with the T1A Camshaft Position Sensor.
  • TESTED & APPROVED: Over time, camshaft position sensors can fail, causing your check engine light to come on, your vehicle to drive differently, or the signal to fail which means your engine will not start. That’s why professional mechanics have camshaft position sensors in their garage or shop. T1A automotive technicians have used the T1A Camshaft Position Sensor, and the results are in: TESTED and APPROVED for accuracy, durability, fit and long-life.