Brake Caliper Piston Wind Back Set, 21 Piece Kit, T1A's Tool Fits Chevy, Toyota, Honda, Ford and Most Domestic and Import Vehicles with Disc Brakes T1A-B1013-C

  • $31.46

The T1A Brake Caliper Wind Back Tool Set Includes:
Adapter#0 - General Motors 79 Seville, El Dorado
Adapter #1 - Retaining plate
Adapter #2 - Citroen/XM, Xantia (F/R)
Adapter #3 - Audi, Fiat/Alfa Romeo, Ford Fiesta, Honda Concesto, Jaguar XJ6, XJ40(F/R), BMW 318is, 320i, 325TD, 518i, 525i, 1x, 740i, 850ci, M5(F), Mitsubishi Colt(F), Nissan Mlera, Stanza(F), Sunny, Range Rover Austin, Metro, 200&400 Series, Maestra, Montego(F), Toyota Camry(F), Volvo(F), VW Passat, Golf, GTI(F).
Adapter #4 - Ford AU&NZ, Telstar, Laser(R), Mazda(R), Saab 9000(R), Fiat/Alfa Romero 1642(R), Honda Prelude, CRS, 16i, GM, Saturn, Grand Prix, Lumina(R).
Adapter #5 - Adaptor
Adapter #6 - Nissan Primera, VW Golf IV
Adapter #7 - Audi 80, 90, V8, 100, Coupe E(R), Range Rover 800, Ford Sierra, Granada, Scorpio(R), Nissan Bluebird, Silvia, Primera, Peugeot 405, 1.9Gi, Sri, Gtxi, MI, 2.0 Sri(R), Toyota Celica Corolla, GT, MR2(R), VW Golf Gti, Jetta, Synchro, Jetta Gti, Passat, CL, GL, GT, Corrado, Scirroca, GTX.
Adapter #8 - General Motors
Adapter #9 - General Motors, Cadillac Seville, and El Dorado
Adapter A - Renault R21, Laguna
Adapter E - Cefrio, and Nissan Maxima
Adapter F - Opel
Adapter L - Left hand thrust bolt
Adapter K - Citroen C5
Adapter M - Ford
Adapter N - Saab and Honda
R - Right hand thrust bolt
O - Plate
K1 - Two pin disc
K2 - Two pin disc
Also contains: Right-hand and left-hand threaded rewind tools with 2 pin fixed drives, 1 reaction plate, and a molded plastic case for easy storage.

by TruBuilt 1 Automotive

Warning: DO NOT USE on electronic calipers – damage may result.

  • GREAT VALUE - Why spend hundreds of dollars at a mechanic’s garage when you can replace your own brakes at home? Brake pad replacement can be a simple DIY (do-it-yourself) job! The TruBuilt 1 Automotive 21-piece brake pad and caliper wind back kit is also a versatile tool set that can be used to install and remove oxygen sensors, oil pressure sending units, vacuum switches and more!
  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE CONSTRUCTION - The T1A brake caliper wind back tool kit was made with ease-of-use in mind. Designed for professional mechanics, the adaptor plates, reaction plate and thrust bolt assembly deliver a perfect fit - every time! You can count on this type of precision to prevent damage to your current brake system, and reduce the risk of harming pistons, seals and calipers.
  • HEAVY-DUTY MATERIALS - Unlike other wind back kits, each piece in the T1A brake caliper set was made with 40Cr grade steel. Used previously only in engineering applications, now this industrial grade metal is available in your own garage! Tempered with exclusive quenching and heat treatment technology, the T1A wind back tools hold up under continuous use with superior corrosion protection, impact resistance and greater strength under the pressure of break piston wind-back.
  • 21-PIECE SET - Brake pad replacement kit includes: 2-21/2” single pin disc, 2-1/64” single pin disc, 2-5/32” three pin disc, 1-1/4” no pin disc, 3/8” adaptor, 2-21/32” two pin disc, 1-7/8” single pin disc, 2-1/8” single pin disc, 1-3/16” two pin disc, 1-21/32” four pin disc, 1-1/4” two pin disc, 2-1/8” two pin disc, 1-1/4” two pin disc, 1-1/4” hex disc, 2-1/8” two pin disc, 1-25/32” two pin disc, 2 plates, left hand thrust bolt, and a right hand thrust bolt.
  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE - If you are not 100% satisfied with your 21-piece brake caliper wind back tool kit, simply take advantage of TruBuilt 1 Automotive's No Questions Asked, 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!! We will take it back, within the first 30 days.